Travelling the world, unable to walk; Volunteer Web developer and redesign site & provide

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Travelling the world, unable to walk; Volunteer Web developer/redesign site & provide SEO and other marketing methods.
Globe Wheeling [ or]
My Global Travel Adventure - unable to walk
A budget traveller's 8 year world trip - travelling solo with the inability to walk
My budget travels include multiple circuits of south east Asia - including 27 separate visits Thailand and 15 to the Philippines
- - - - -
An 'inspirational' young Briton achieves an epic travel adventure.
- - - - -
Exceeding the perceptions and constraints of being unable to walk.
- - - - -
I love to be free, I love to discover new places, I love to be independent and I love to try anything new – but most of all, I love to travel. Being completely unable to walk and using a wheelchair is the challenge. I was born with Friedreich's ataxia, a degenerative disease of the nervous system.
- - - - -
'Dream - Believe - Achieve’
'Love the life you live - Live the life you love'
Richard Farrant
The site needs to be re-designed as a charitable donation. I do not want to profit or sell anything on this site. I hope to inspire/motivate other disabled travellers and generally educate people about disability. Must be redesign on professional/commercial program
The basic site [and text] is avalible on
Promote ; international travel for disabled people build and promote a website and do SEO promotion work / or other marketing to highlight my achievements, gain media recognition and improve its google rating. I need a basic but professional looking website.
I own globewheeling dot com, It is hosted on Godaddy
pages = Home / About / disability / photos / media / sponsorship / Contact
i am also considering crowd funding the idea which will ppromote the site, but i need support and guidence
i am also considering a social media campaign idea which will ppromote the site, but i need support and guidence

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