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Ends 14 Aug 2018 (in about 14 hours)

Hi, I'm looking for 5 freelancers to do:
1. TASK:
Looking for experienced guest bloggers to provide full-range guest posting for my site -> (Outreach+Writing+Submit) the generate backlinks
My site has great authority (Moz DA 30+, Ahrefs DR 20+) and is constantly updated with great content, thus making your task much easier
Build Quality Guest-Post Editorial backlinks for SEO
Step 1: Outreach appropriate sites and prepare content
Step 2: Once you get positive response from the sites, send me their urls for approval
Step 3: After my approval, you submit your content for publishing
Step 4: Upon submitting published url to me, I release payment
I will provide you with list of my seo keywords to be included the articles.
If bloggers ask for a small publishing fee or you need to increase the price, please suggest to me for negotiation. I may accept if the blog quality is good.
4. Requirements for Choosing Blogs (PLEASE READ):
a. NO PRIVATE BLOG NETWORKS. Real blogs only.
b. NO "Self-publish" blogs (rebelmouse, linkedin, kinja, kiwibox, medium, patch etc) - Blogs MUST REQUIRE OUTREACH
c. NO web 2.0 blogs (Blogger, Wordpress etc). Blogs MUST REQUIRE OUTREACH
d. NO article directories (Ezine, Articlebase, Selfgrowth, Hubpages, etc). Blogs MUST REQUIRE OUTREACH
e. Moz DA 25 and above only.
f. For Authority Sites (Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Businessinsider, Inc,e27, etc), please send me full list with your lowest price
You will need to send me the blog url for my approval BEFORE final publishing, as I need to check for quality, duplicate, and other issues.
5. Tips on how to Analyze Blogs
How to tell if site is a GOOD blog:
1. Site has unique design
2. Site has strong social media activity
3. Site has good quality articles
How to tell if site is "community blog" and not "real" blog:
1. There is a button inviting to "Create Account" or to "Submit a Post"
2. There is a section called "Community" and your article goes there
3. Published article has url that contains username
6. How to Apply:
Apply for this project with
-Information about yourself
-Sample guest posts you've created for your clients (Compulsory)
-Your commitment to work
-Any questions not explained on this page, and
-any other information that is important in helping me to make a decision.
Ongoing project: SEO Specialist
Project Type: Ongoing project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
Can you guarantee coverage on one or more of the top high authority tech websites?
List me price per each post successful submitted on those blog
Send here few sample of your previous post you've done so that I can check

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