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Hi! I'm Allie, Editorial Director at
Our company consists of a group of chiropractors, virtually coaching people who have Lyme disease, co-infections, parasites, heavy metals, autoimmune conditions, mold, and a variety of other chronic illnesses. We use all natural herbs, supplements, homeopathics, diet, mindset, and home detox tools--no pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Jay also hosted the last three Chronic Lyme Disease Summits and the first-ever Parasite Summit. He has his own podcast, and appears as a guest speaker on a number of health and wellness events. Along with one-on-one coaching, we have an At-Home Lyme Disease Program that just launched.
We're looking to hire someone to write two 2000-2500 word research-based articles per month, with the potential to add additional writing projects if it's a good fit. We pay per article. Please see application for job description.
We're looking for a writer who is well-immersed in natural medicine and health and wellness. If you have knowledge about coffee enemas, green juice, infrared saunas, parasite cleansing, lymphatic drainage, essential oils, treating Lyme without antibiotics, EMF remediation, and how to get better sleep naturally, you're what we're looking for.
You'd work closely with our team, at least the first few weeks, receiving feedback on your writing and fine tuning voice, style, and tone to fit our company's needs.
We'd love to collaborate with you, mentor you, learn from you, and work with you in this process!
Write articles consistently
Work from home with flexible hours
Join a small, close-knit, and supportive team
Immerse yourself in the exciting world of alternative/natural medicine
Have potential opportunity to contribute to article ideas, marketing calendar, social media posts, ad copy, and additional work
Is self-motivated
Has a background in the realm of health and wellness, ideally natural treatment of Lyme and co-infections
Has a background in writing/publishing and is a skilled researcher (hello, PubMed)
Is a team player
Is a great communicator, collaborator, and self-starter, who can also work well alone
Can meet deadlines consistently
Has a strong grasp of grammatical rules/standard convention
Can write compelling hooks and closings
Is comfortable with SEO,, and Design Pickle
ABOUT US: Dr. Jay’s wife, Heather, was diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was seven years old. She spent her whole life struggling with many different symptoms, which greatly affected her ability to live the happy, healthy life she so desired. Dr. Jay and Heather spent countless hours, not to mention dollars, visiting every specialist known to man, only to be left feeling helpless as nothing seemed to “fix” her.
Then, their beautiful daughter Leela was born in 2012. Unfortunately, this was also a major turning point in Heather’s Lyme disease journey and her health started to deteriorate quickly. This was the “bottom” for them, and from there the research began.
From this point on, Dr. Jay made it his mission to find the answers that were so desperately needed. As a result of a relentless and enlightening journey, he finally learned what was needed to save Heather’s life.
Once Heather recovered, he took what he learned and focused the knowledge into a 5-step plan which is outlined in his book: “5-Steps To Restoring Health Protocol.” Around the same time, they started hearing from people all over the world whose stories resonated closely with Heather's. Dr. Jay quickly realized they had identified a major gap in the Lyme community. After selling their chiropractic business in Wisconsin, they began to focus all of their time and energy on partnering with clients virtually (via phone and video) on restoring their health.
Lyme disease is becoming more and more prevalent in the world and is often misdiagnosed. Dr. Jay’s team has seen many lives changed from clients who have gone through our coaching program along with incorporating the 5-Steps To Restoring Health Protocol into their journey to health restoration.
Our message is simple: No matter how bad things seem right now, there is hope!
We can help you make the massive health transformation you need so that you can live the life YOU deserve.
Our belief is that you do not need “just another treatment.” You need a coach to guide you through the process of health restoration. We also believe in giving you the knowledge and tools you need to continue your journey of healthy, happy living after working with us so that you no longer have to “rely” on doctors for the rest of your life.
Please start your answer to "Anything else we should know?" on the application by listing your four favorite hobbies.

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