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Need some still images and motion graphics made for my social media. I would like the following:
Image 1: Cartoon
Animated "cartoon" look Characterized Portrait made similar to a hip hop artist with same color style hair, clothing, gold chain with pendant. The face should be centered and the top of the chest should show with the gold chains. I want the diamond pendant to say "BITMAIN" large. He can also have a few gold chains without pendants on them, make him look cool. The hair should be multi colored and braided like in the picture. You can send a few version with different backgrounds pease. High res image please, round with no border for use on instagram etc. Also a square version with black blackground and square version with white background.
Image #1:
"Bitmain" Warehouse cartooned into a ghetto neighborhood street, you can put the warehouse in the middle of the image. On the street you can have some guys hanging out playing dice with money, girls prostituting, pimp in an expensive car. Please high res for youtube backdrop.
Motion graphics for my youtube videos:
1: Animated kitchen scene cooking cocaine/crack on the stove, with large words written in cocaine "Taking Over The Game" with a scale, and a sexy girl with big ass next to the stove with the pyrex glass cooking crack. Very simple to understand, google "cooking crack kitchen" and you will see.
The words "Taking Over The Game" written in cocaine you can have them appear/disappear as if someone snorted them, like fade in/out. It will look really cool for my intro/outro!
Motion graphics 2:
Simple "Like, Comment, Subscribe" you can add this to the above graphics, after it fades out "Taking Over The Game" you can have it fade in "Like, Comment, Subscribe" . I can use this version for the outro!
These motion graphics will be used for youtube videos so please give me large high res sizes, thanks.
This is what I need for now. I need it to look professionally done, with good clean animations, graphics, high res, lots of colors and good looking characters (people). I will continue to hire you for my social media as it continues to get bigger and bigger i will need more help. Thanks.
- $50.0

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