Web-based application for Time Tracking

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Web-based application for companies, whose main service is man-hours selling.
Application is for tracking, recording, reporting and invoicing of projects based on number of man-hours sold.
Target clients (examples):
a. engineering companies, who are dealing with projects based on man-hours
b. lawyers – man-hours tracking and invoicing to clients
c. all other companies, whom for man-hours are basis for invoices.
1.2. How it works
1. Company administrator (or another assigned user) creates project
2. Company members (employees) add project to dashboard and record man-hours
3. Man-hours tracking and reporting to client
4. Expenses recording
5. Preparation and sending invoices to client
1.3. Monetization
Application is free to use for company till 5 users. Each next user costs 10EUR (to be decided later) per month
Simple, but modern design based on fact that application is a part of working process. Design should be done in light neutral colors and attract clients.
Web-application consists of multiple modules, which are working together.
1. Registration
2. Projects Creation
3. Planning – Gantt Chart
4. Man-hours recording via dashboard
5. Expenses recording
6. Reporting
7. Invoicing - €750.0

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