Trailer girl

For $5,000 — Ends 9 Mar 2018 (in 2 months)

"Trailer Girl" is in the process of getting Trademarked. She will be a sassy, attractive and over confident female in her mid-20's. I have some renderings of faces that I like. I own a boat trailer company, so trailer girl will be printed on t-shirts in the midst of certain situations that make light of traditional husband/wife experiences (IE backing the trailer down the ramp wrong, etc..). The renderings of Trailer girl that I like are very lifelike, but still in cartoon form. I need someone who has top tier drawing skills and also has the ability to listen to my vision (with the assistance of pictures, etc.), and create the scenes these life-like scenes. I am awful with computers, so I don't know how to upload pictures for the purposes of this project. Tomorrow, I can have my secretary assist in doing so if there is interest in this project. - $5000.0

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