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For $800 — Ends 9 Mar 2018 (in 5 months)

Hello My Name is Nikki I’ve had a dream of having my own anime show I’ve just had the courage recently to pursue it so I’m looking for someone to help me with the I stumbled on your website looked at your work and I think it’s amazing I would love to work with your team on this
Here’s Story In the dream realm princess is born into the royal family to help keep the balance between the dream and nightmare realm but the lord Of nightmares learns of the princess and plans to get rid of her the king and queen hear of this and decide to send the princess to a family on earth to keep her safe the lord Of nightmares shatters the dream crystal and scatters at though out the land overthrows dreamland years later the princess learns of her heritage and returns to the dream realm to restore the crystal and defeat the lord Of nightmares I have script, storyboard, music character designs and voice cast under control also I have a budget of £800
If the anime was to make money I would be glad to give you more
I understand if you can't do this with me because you have your own animation work Look Forward To Your Reply

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