Need to build a cloud mining website like HashFlare

For $750 — Ends 9 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

The website system flow would be as followed:
1. Client sign ups an account.
2. At the dashboard there they can buy Hashrate to mine the coin they want.
3. Select the how much hashrate they want with a slider or input specific the hashrate that they want to buy.
4. Convert the price from USD to BTC and then show a checkout Button to pay with BTC.
5. Possibly we can use CoinsPayment.NET API or other alternatives API or even a direct address to my company wallet.
6. Once payment is verified, the Hashrate will be listed in their account and it will generate them profit daily.
7. The profit generated daily has to be set by me in the admin dashboard/panel based on how much (for example Bitcoin) is mined per 1TH/s Hashrate. The calculations can be checked at this website
8. So for example if the day's 1TH/s Hashrate mined about 0.00009136, the client's profit would be 0.00009136 * Client's Hashrate = the day's profit or you may say the amount of bitcoin mined
9. After the profit is calculated and credited to the client's account, we'll deduct a $45 USD worth of BTC off from their balance as electricity and maintenance fee. But fees only apply to Bitcoin, other coins won't need fees.
10. There should be several pools for them to allocate their hashrate with slider just like HashFlare. And that they can only change the allocation once a day. - $750.0

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