Changes to content management system web page designer

For $750 — Ends 8 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

Changes to content management system web page designer that saves settings to database.
1. Implement ajax
2. WYSIWYG option. As options are changed, update widget display without page post back.
3. Need a new text/html editor with spell check. Currently using Telerik editor.
4. Eliminate Telerik components, use JavaScript/jQuery instead
5. Paste directly on design page: text or image and create widget for it. Allow drag and drop of text and images into browser window with then creates widget at drop point observing text properties and saving them.
6. Enter coordinates directly in an effective manner to control and update widget location
7. There should be no page postback upon updates
8. Replace window for editing widget properties with a panel (or another option)
9. Copy site functionality to a new page
10. New option to Auto space widgets
11. New option to Auto center widget in page
Browser compatibility: changes compatible with all major browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE
No reduction in existing functionality, all functionality still need to continue work.
No front end work needed in this phase.
Work with code repository/GIT.
I order not to affect current functionality create a development page
Coding language is, database is MS SQLserver. IIS hosting.
- $750.0

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