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Ends 7 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

The creation of 14 HTML pages on clients hosting and Menu.
1) 14 New pages to be added as below - all just text but to be styled so they look neat and have H1 and H2 tags and content will link to other pages.

2) Page Titles and descriptions to be added to all page - i’ll supply

3) Sitemap to be created to include the pages below
4) All Pages to have a button to the home page to get a quote

5) Why page to have a infographic on the page - i’ll supply

6) Confirmation page - add a confirmation page so we can set up the tracking on conversions
14 new pages to be added as follows:
http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Perfect-Bound-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Saddle-Stitched-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Wirobound-Brochures
http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Small-Quantity-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Large-Quantity-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Small-Pagination-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Large-Pagination-Brochures http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Luxury-Brochures
http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Brochure-Materials-guide http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Purpose-of-brochure http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Brochure-Sizes-guide http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Brochure-Colour-guide
http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/Why-compare-Brochure-printing-companies http://www.brochureprintingcomparison.co.uk/thank-you

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