Kernel driver manual mapping and memory access

For $750 — Ends 6 Jun 2018 (in 2 months)

I need a kernel driver with the following features:
- Get base address of a process by PID or EXE name
- Allow an user mode application to read memory of the process via the kernel driver.
- Prevent BSOD from patch guard
To complete this task, you will need to show me:
- After compiling the kernel driver, how to manual map it safely on Windows 7+10 without signing it
- How to interact with the driver in C# and viceversa
Here is an example if the kernel driver similar to the one I want:
But it needs modification so that we can specify the PID to look up base address instead of a hardcoded image string.
Here is example of the usermode app in C++:
Except I want it written in C# instead(hopefully). - $750.0

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