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A good friend of mine and myself would like to start a business doing "construction services" for the utility industry. We are both early retiree in the mid 50's and would like to go back to work doing the same thing we are doing for the last 30 years except be a contractor. What we intend to achieve is form a "LLC" where we can contract out construction work from utility companies utilizing our years of experienced. I am a pipeline designer and my friend is a construction foreman. What we plan to do is to cover multiple facet of the utility construction services ( i.e. sewer lateral camera inspection, gas pipeline inspection, concrete paving, regulator design.etc) by hiring our own personnel and also subcontracting some of the work with both of us serving as an inspector. Our long years of experience will help us perform this managerial work and at the same time train and mentor anybody that we will employ to perform task that assigned for our portion of the job. We also intend to be involved and participate with "minority business certification" program on our city to provide everyone opportunity to learn the trades and be an important part of our community. - $750.0

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