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Client: Bit Pharma
Objective: Develop one 60-second explainer video using 2D animation, voiceover and background music.This company creates "Agency Intelligence" robots to help businesses run more efficiently and make more money.
Audience: The video is primarily targeted to businesses that work in finance/money management, medicine/medical research, and technology.
Requirements: Develop two different concepts -- each concept should have 6-8 design frames. Below are descriptions of the two different concepts we're looking for.
Concept 1: Let's have this concept be comprised primarily of iconography and kinetic typography.
Concept 2: Let's have this concept be comprised of actual places of business, characters to represent employees, and actual robotic objects that represent Agency Intelligence.
Visuals for both concepts should emphasize the three steps in the process -- "dream", "create" and "evolve". At least three of the design frames for each concept should be comprised of these steps.
Reference video: They like the look and feel of this last video they did. Regarding colors, we don't have to use ALL of the colors used in this previous video. Also, they would like to include the color red in this video.
Timeline: We need to present the concepts to the client on Monday 2/13, so we need the designs on 2/8 to review internally and leave time to make any edits before the presentation on 2/13. The rough cut will be due on 2/19; fine cut due on 2/23; final cut due on 2/28.
Script: Draft script below. We might make some minor edits, but please use this version for now for designing the concepts.
Agency Intelligence High-Level Explainer Script — Draft 1:
Ever want to change the world?
Most people do. Now’s the time.
Artificial Intelligence can help, but there's a lot of fear and negative hype out there. Between killer robots, thousands of academic papers and complicated equations, it's hard to find the signal in the noise. We're here to change that.
Welcome to Agency Intelligence!
Many business leaders feel frustrated about AI because it can be so complicated, but our our simple three-step process makes it easy.
Agency Intelligence is a platform for visionaries to dream, create, and evolve their business, because the world isn’t done yet.
To dream, we feel a vision, think up a plan, and gather resources based on patent-pending tech and detailed templates.
To create, we build solutions, test their performance, and deploy what works.
To evolve, we monitor key indicators, upgrade our solutions, and simplify where possible.
Dream. Create. Evolve. Agency Intelligence is a world leader in business augmentation.
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