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For $2,000 — Ends 4 Jun 2018 (in about 1 month)

You will be tasked with creating a website template built on top of Bootstrap 4 that can be reused across multiple sites by changing SASS variables similar to how Bootswatch works. You will be given an example of multiple themes/websites to base your design from; however you will be creating a fully custom "theming" solution for our sites. Once you reply with examples of your work, you will be given the sector/category our sites fall under so you can understand what design feel we are shooting for. We also have a PDF specifications document we will give out to serious freelancers/agencies.
Some UI deliverables include, but are not limited too:
- Loading animation
- Custom slider with live video (YouTube)
- Customized cards for various objects on our platform
- Tables
Each deliverable component should be able to operate on any page with Bootstrap 4 standard layouts. SASS based theming is super important: We should be able to change the coloring, fonts, etc like in Bootswatch by simply changing our input variables, and have those changes reflect across all UI components you create. You will be able to add variables to control your own components.
These components should then be put into some standard views for us to see and reuse.
Finally, you will be tasked with actually generating separate templates by only changing your SASS variables to match specific themes we will give you (basically match the font, colors, and design of each theme with a little research).
Please only reply with examples of previous work; our design standards are very modern, so you should have the ability to create clean designs. Again, we will be giving you examples of what we think is a good design for our project, it is your job to build off the aesthetics from these examples to build us a completely new custom theme.
Good work on this project may lead to future opportunities with us. - $2000.0

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