Develop FPGA based NOAA Decoder

For $750 — Ends 30 Jun 2018 (in 6 days)

Develop an FPGA NOAA satellite decoder in vivado to:
Process an IQ wav file (recording from SDR radio on NOAA satellite fly over using SDR sharp)
Decode the data into JPG image
IDE to use is Vivado.
Attached are two files, the wav file contains the raw IQ data and the .BMP file is the expected file that the FPGA needs to generate.
The raw data comes from satellite with Automatic Picture Transmission:
The data is 8 bit IQ data sampled:
The signal itself is a 256-level amplitude modulated 2400Hz subcarrier, which is then frequency modulated onto the 137 MHz-band RF carrier. Maximum subcarrier modulation is 87% (±5%), and overall RF bandwidth is 34 kHz. - $750.0

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