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This current project has the following key objectives:
1) To improve the existing website in terms of design and layout. Improvements can be made upon the existing website (incremental improvements). Alternately we are open to a completely new form, design, and layout. The current website is very traditional in its design, navigation, structure and layout. We want to reflect a more modern and “with the times” website.
2) To update the website with latest news, events and important announcements. All the content will be provided by the University. Of prime concern is the form, design and layout of the new pages. Section below highlights some generic requirements pertaining to all new pages.
3) To maintain a backup of the website at all times. The website needs to be backed up regularly. All contents in the website needs to be backed up regularly.
A detailed proposal is to be submitted detailing out the following key points:
 Proposed improvements – incremental improvements; complete new design; both.
 Execution timeline – if complete new design is proposed.
 Project costs
 Payment terms including refund policy
 Revisions during execution
 Copyright to project
 Acceptance terms
 Summary details of past (similar type) projects – at least three detailing what the project entailed.
 Links to sample portfolio – more the merrier. - ₹75000.0

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