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Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Design details: We are looking to Outsource 3d video development for a 15 second video. The scene would start with a view from a beach looking out to ocean with an Incoming tsunami wave. When the tsunami wave reaches its high point it turns into U.S. 100$ bank notes. The bank notes continue filling up the screen. Fade in the with the words "Cash Tsunami!" The output would be in a high quality uncompressed format 4K video. There should be sounds of the water coming in and the wave crashing and maybe "wooshing" noise as the cash comes towards the screen. Successful completion of the project would lead to more projects based on the same theme in the future. We are currently obtaining bids for the project. Here is a link is a link to the style that we were thinking. We really like the anticipation that builds as the water retreats and then the tsunami builds and comes into the beach. We are looking for an emotional response here and then another as the water turns into bank notes and comes rushing towards the screen.
Ideas for the visual style: NOAA Tsunami Animation https://youtu.be/KB-TO5kq5Aw
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