I need a professional 3D animator for real estate walkthroughs

Ends 3 Mar 2018 (in 6 months)

Information for the business: we sell all 3d products
Industry: Business
Design details: I need a professional 3D animator for real estate walkthroughs.
Both for exteriors and interiors.
Most of the time I will give the 3D models and textures and you will have to make all the animation.
It needs to be in very high realistic quality.
Times change between animations but most of them will be about 40 seconds.
The render quality is very very important, only if you can make it look realistic like this https://youtu.be/hnv6VbpuFJY talk to me.
What will be your pricing?
How fast can you make each video?
Send me samples you made before - without samples we won't proceed.
Ideas for the visual style: realistic
Extra notes:

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