Animated Motion Graphic Designer + Illustration

Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Information for the business: BlockChain Technology
Industry: Business
Design details: We are looking to do a community video no longer than 2-3 minutes long. The brand is a blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to enhance product management in the supply chain.
The video will be illustrating the outline of the product and its benefits for its customers. We will be having a voice over Artist going through the animated video also.
This community video has to be aesthetically pleasing on the eye, kept simple and as straight forward as possible but with a professional approach. The viewer must be able too identify what this product does visually as well with the help of a Voice over Artist. I want the video to be a story of how the product works in its simplest form from start to finish.
Style of the Video: Open to ideas but it has to feel that it is a PAYMENT platform, internet technology. Futuristic feel to the video as I do believe people will see this as a product of the future.
Target audience: Corporate Businesses
Ideas for the visual style: Futuristic, Hi-Tech, Payment Solution
Preferred colors: Open to Ideas
Urls to draw inspiration from: ; ;
Where the design will be used: Online
Extra notes:
URLS to draw inspiration from: Focus on the style of these videos and how we show our audiences our product.

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