EKG from only one wrist

For $5,000 — Ends 28 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

Our mission is to create an 24 hour EKG monitor, that can be lighter and smaller than a wristwatch
We are looking for a way to consistently get cardiograms from multiple humans (so the technology can be scalable) with multiple activities (from typewriting to active sports) with only one contact from one wrist with no additional points of contact.
Example: A bracelet that is attached to the wrist and without any additional electrodes (i.e., without the need to apply the finger of the other hand, for example) is able to provide consistent EKG results.
Precision should allow diagnosing the most common heart diseases, all elements of the PQRST complex should be present on the ECG, the signal should be cleaned from noise and amplified to the desired level.
It may be achieved either through filtering or taking any other approach - $5000.0

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