Fleet Management + Uber Platform

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Fleet Management Functionality
- Support multiple transport providers
- Dashboard capability for each transport provider (only see their own fleet)
- Calendar scheduling capability for each vehicle in their own fleet
- Different companies can manage their own fleet on the platform (with different type of vehicles)
- Location, scheduling, pushing assignments, etc
- History of vehicle, jobs, etc
- Reports (mileage, jobs, etc)
- Driver App (report location, accept assignment, reporting, etc)
- Enterprise Customer Portal (enterprise customer can book/schedule any booking with any fleet company on their own)
- Admin Portal (each company can manage their own fleet)
- Super Admin (overall manage all fleets)
- Flexible invoicing & payment function (per vehicle - recurring daily, weekly, monthly)
Uber On-demand Functionality
- When any vehicle in each fleet is free, they can accept on-demand jobs (now or scheduled)
- Consumer Facing App (like Uber), with Geolocation function to request for nearby vehicle
- System would assign nearby vehicle based on availability and type
- Payment by Credit card
Please quote including all UI/UX, development, backend cost.
Also include yearly hosting, maintenance cost.
Please include high-level timeframe for delivery milestone.
Please provide an accurate quote/timeframe, unrealistic quotes would be ignored.
Thanks. - $100000.0

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