Create 3 Video Animation for a project

For $1,500 — Ends 27 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Our project has 3 sub items to describe to the audiences so you will create 3 video animation film with different scenarios. The main design of the video animations will be similar especially the store design will be the same. Films will be about a telecommunication brand and its services from the stores. So the film will include humans (sellers working at the stores) which means you will use animation characters in the films.
You will first design the store according to the real pictures that we will provide you.
We will send you 3 different scenarios. Films will be in turkish and so the voice overs will be turkish as well however we translate the scenarios in english for you.
Each film will be 90 seconds maximum. (60 seconds ideally).
DEADLINE : You must send the design of the store in 2 days after you accept the project. After our approval of the store design, you will begin the animation and should send the first 20 seconds in 2 days as well (for 1 film).
You have 5 days to finish all films after all approvals. So you should only work on our project and be fast.
Please provide your references. THEY ARE IMPORTANT!
Thanks - $1500.0

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