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I Would like to add two extra product description boxes the same as the one in the product admin at the moment so i can easily enter product descriptions for each product. I have the product photo on the left, a short description on the right, and the main description and a key features tab underneath.
Currently i use the 'Vendors' box to write in a short description like 'Imagine what great time you could have camping if you had one of these tents!',
The product description tab (1st one out of the two) is already set up to the product description text box in the admin page and the key features one i have not managed to link up to anything yet.
If i could just have three product description text boxes it would make designing the product pages a dream. In an ideal world i would have:
1 text box linked to the short description.
1 text box linked to the key features tab to enter text.
1 text box linked to the main product description (Already have this working fine)
Any developers out there able to make this a reality? I am waiting to hear from you! Thank you! - $1500.0

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