Laravel Developer With Vue

For $50 — Ends 25 May 2018 (in about 2 months)

Application is in development with a good majority of the api completed and ready to be consumed. The application is developed with the following stack:
- Laravel
- Vue.js
- Swagger
- ES2016
- All tasks have been detailed within JIRA by myself (10 years lamp stack, 5 years with laravel).
- All views have been done in html/css/less and stored in a single folder
Your job will be to take the given "chunk" of a view, convert it into a blade file, create the appropriate Vue.js component/infrastructure and hook it up to an api endpoint if necessary.
You should be able to work autonomously, without much oversight, although each commit will be checked.
I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to tell me when there is a better way.
The website is for an IT agency, It is designed to both sell and collect freelancer profiles that have been "vetted" by the agency.
The budget for the project is around $400/week , I expect it to run 2+ months at this level.
However, I'm fielding projects on a regular basis, and the last guy that was working on this just got put on another job (so I'm looking to fill the position).
To apply you should have at least:
- 1+ years working with Vue.js (200 hours+)
- 1+ years working with Laravel (200 hour+)
- A master level understanding of PHP
- A master level understanding of Javascript
- An understanding of git/gulp
- A 95%+ comprehension of spoken English
You will be asked to conduct a voice interview over *Removed by Admin*. - $50.0

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