API and Bridge to show design tool in popup of different eshops

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Changes in Lumise application:
- Product color - there will be option for transparent (no product color). When customer choose color it will fill in only selected working area (not whole image background).
- When click on text layer it will open popup window to change text.
- Ask Facebook and Instagram for approve their API in public use.
- Autosnap ON as default
We want have only one installation of Lumise server on our hosting, but we need show this design tool on partners eshop in some popup or iframe.
Customers from partner eshops will work with design tool like it will be part of partner eshop. They will not see different. When they finish custom product design in design tool, they will add to cart and they finish order on partner eshop system.
We need probably make like this from 3 parts. Universal API because we want connect with many different eshop systems (Prestashop and Woocommecre on start).
Universal API connector with Lumise server.
#Send to Lumise server (probably in url when open design tool):
- SessionID (generate probably on product details reload?)
- LumiseProductID (new parameter)
- PartnerEshopID (settings parameter)
#Recieve from Lumise server:
- SessionID (check if correct)
- DesignID
Bridge for API connector and Partner eshop system (in this project we want make bridge for Prestashop and Woocoommerce - installed as plugin)
#Main Functions:
- Create for custom design products new parametters (attributs) LumiseProductID (editable from product administration), DesignID (empty), SessionID (empty)
- Add new buddon [Make new design] when LumiseProductID is not 0 (this button open design tool from different Lumise server in popup or iframe)
- Hide button [Add to cart] when LumiseProductID != 0, but DesignID and SessionID are empty.
- Recieve informations from Universal API and fill with it parameters DesignID and SessionID
- DesignID and SessionID are not visible or editable by user (only Universal API can wrote parameters DesignID, SessionID)
- Show button [Add to cart] when: LumiseProductID != 0 and DesignID != 0 and SessionID != 0
- Show DesignPreview on product details when: LumiseProductID != 0 and DesignID != 0 and SessionID != 0
Changes in Lumise Server
Installation of Lumise Server is based on Woocommerce version (Lumise 1.6).
We need make all this new function as plugins because of easy update to Lumise v.1.7:
- Partner eshop administration where we assign to Partner eshop his unique PartnerEshopID and connection parameters to Universal API on Partner eshop
- SessionID manager recieve/send
- Get parameters from URL: SessionID, PartnerEshopID (now we get only LumiseProductID as &product=123)
- Modify button [Add to cart] (or [Proceed]) in design tool - directly save design as new order (to Lumise Orders) with PartnerEshopID parameter inside of order.
- Modify button [Add to cart] (or [Proceed]) in design tool - send parameters DesignID (orderID on Lumise server) and SessionID to Universal API on partner eshop
Please check graph in attachment to beter understand our needs.
We will need in this project make bridge between:
Universal API <=> Woocommerce
Universal API <=> Prestashop - $1500.0

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