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Dear All,
As a child i always wanted to paint and paint more in my life.
An idea of making an 2d animated series struck me while working as an I.T professional in my company.
I have worked upon the characters and the script.
I want character artists who can help me finalizing these characters with shading, color etc.
In all i have an episode under script.
I want to transform the script now to animation and its going to be large.
I need artists who can work upon
1. Character Design,
2. Background Design,
3. Object Design
In all i have to build a team who can achieve this project finally streaming the series over online platforms...
Please drop your messages with suitable bid and a show reel/work resume.
I am planning to achieve this in an online world.
Hence we can have a discussion over the common platform to be used along the project.
Ashish Gajbe - ₹250000.0

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