Redesign logo and create stamps for labeling

Ends 22 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I) reproduce in high def picture for trademark (please produce a similar bean with green spouts) 2 leaves. Slightly different for trademark. Happy to pay any costs for pictures.
ii) Please sketch a similar version of what you just created. For stamp on kraft bags purposes. 2 separate Stamps to be created for logo, stamp 1 the bean body (in brown ink), stamp 2 the leaves on top (in green ink). Please allow the stamps to fit easy with each other. Like a jigsaw leaves linked to body for ease of stamping
iii) Produce these stamps for writing underneath stamped logo bean, use s2. Back label
Small adjustments to previous pdf attached
Changes to previous back label
Please see word and pdf attached
1. The Bean preparation: change ‘to a light or medium roast’ to
’to a simple perfected lighter or darker roast’
2. Change both the logo and words of the title ‘the bean packaging’ to
‘Eco bean’
ame font as on Orginal pdf label

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