Web based customer job management and CRM system

For $750 — Ends 22 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We require a database built (PHP/MySQL) for a client that can be accessed through a browser (secure login functionality required). We currently store client and job details on a spreadsheet but this does not provide us with a good way to manage workflow and to search/filter information into useful formats.
the client's work involves several steps; design, installation, commissioning, servicing and we need to be able to filter jobs using this and other fields. In particular we want to be able to be 'notified' with an altert when certain actions are required. For example servicing may require to be done 2 times per year - we need to list the jobs in order of when next service is due.
the attached document gives some more information on waht is required - as does the sample xlsx file. We are looking for a system that can be developed in the future and require an experienced developer willing to work with us in the longer term.
Please DO NOT send an automated bid submission - any such bids will be diregarded straight away. read the requirements and ask questions first!! - £750.0

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