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For $50 — Ends 21 Jul 2018 (in 2 days)

We are seeking a good front-end developer, who will be helping us on demand with new web pages creation.
Simple things are simple: we have mockups, you will code them into pages. Anyway, we would like to see someone who meets this requirements:
Hard skills:
- Must be experienced with CSS3, especially the flexbox model and how it applies to responsive designs.
- Must be experienced with SCSS, especially with regard to use of variables and mixins.
- Must be experienced with html5, and understand the proper applications of the different kinds of tags and exercise good judgement in their use.
- Javascript experience a bonus, but not required.
- Must start your cover letter with apple pie.
- Must have at least intermediate english skills in writing.
- Must have intermediate experience in testing html/css rendering and performance across browsers.
Abstract skills:
- Must care about executing upon a design with detail, yet ready to raise concerns if you think a design is heading toward a bad user experience.
- Ready to participate and work with a team.
- Must be ready to contribute creative ideas about solving problems. We are not up to babysitting.
- Must start your cover letter with huckleberry pie instead of apple pie.
- Must appreciate organization and thoughtful semantics in code.
- Must appreciate and execute best practices in your work.
No Indian or Pakistan developers please.
Honestly, we don't care about your previous projects and references. After an interview (voice is not necessary) we will provide a short test task for selected candidates, to see your style and capability. Be successful and we will hire you.
Still with us? Then good luck and looking forward to hear from you. - $50.0

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