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For $750 — Ends 21 Jul 2018 (in 3 days)

Hello we need someone who is a full stack dev that can make us a website. We need someone who is good with backend and front end. We need someone who can code anything built custom database and work on any platform. platform with the newest technologies that are available.
We're looking for people that are gurus in the following technologies:
*PHP - procedural & OOP
*Laravel / Symfony / CodeIgniter / Yii 2 / Phalcon / CakePHP / Zend Framework / Slim / FuelPHP / PHPixie /
*Webdesign / Design
Having knowledge about technologies that are not mentioned above is considered an advantage !
Please leave us a message with a short description and answear the following questions.
1. What are your talents ?
2. What makes you different than others ?
3. What's the job of a freelancer ?
4. How quick can you answear if we got trouble ?
5. The biggest project you were recently involved in ? - £750.0

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