Game artist design team required, will be paid on a game project

For $3,000 — Ends 21 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We are looking for a highly skilled game artist design team that's job will be to add assets to prototype level, your job will be to make everything look as spectacular and life like as possible, you will be replacing basic meshes with buildings, signs, tree and making the environment look as real as possible while adding in ideas and addressing any problems.
We will supply all game assets required.
Must know how to use Unity 3d editor, 3d max and maya.
Your team will bring the environment to life with animate animals and particals while keeping cpu load to a minimum. This will be on going projects, we are looking for mid to smaller size companies with exception design ability for AAA titles.
This first project will be a race game
These will be PC, Android and Playstation games.
Please approach us with your work, crew size and completion per project.
You will be working in conjuction with other companies but your job will be design... - $3000.0

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