Raspberry Pi Communication Shield

For $750 — Ends 21 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

The goal of the project is to get the design of a Raspberry Pi Shield with communication modules:
- Lora SX1278 (433 MHz) or similar
- 3G Cellular module compatible in Chile (https://goo.gl/ZeKz6e)
- GPS Module.
All thre modules must have an external antenna connector.
The design of the board must include all the additional components required for the proper operation of the modules (power sources, voltage regulators, external power supply connector in case needed.)
The rest of available GPIO pins should be available on the shield with 0.1" male pin in the same way they are on the Raspberry board.
The board must include a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
Requiered Deliverables:
-Board and Schematics Eagle files
-3D model step or parasolid file
-All the required Gerber files for manufacturing
-B.O.M. in xlsx.
The project will have two milestones:
1º milestone: (70%) when design gets approved and sent to manufacturer
2º milestone: (30%) when manufacturer start production. - $750.0

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