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I need a simple app
I have some baskets, each basket has a nfc chip, each client has a nfc chip. Each time I leave a client a basket I need to scan the client nfc chip and then scan baskets that are going to be left at client location.
1. See basket history: I should be able to see where has basket is and has been with time stamp.
2. Alerts: There are 3 types of clients (1,2,3) I should be able to put an alert that if basket is not delivered back on less than an amount of days it should alert me (Number of days depends on type of client). If basket is lost there should be an option to put lost basket and a note saying what happend. The baskets only last 365 days starting from when the basket starts rotation and at the end of the 365 days the system should alert for basket to be decommisioned.
3. Chips are passed from one basket to a new one so there should be an option where when 365 days are completed, the chip can pass to a new basket and time be reset to 0 days.
A) Basket History (Time since basket is in use, where has basket been, where is basket now)
B) Lost Baskets (Here you should see a list of all lost baskets)
C) Deliver/Recieve Baskets (A button so when truck deliver baskets they can scan all baskets and then put deliver, there should be a sum of the number of baskets so its easy to see how many baskets are left or recieved)
D) There are 3 profiles Warehouse, Truck Driver and Client.
Warehouse: Place where all baskets are they are, the warehouse clerk scans the truck driver nfc chip and gives him the baskets. Driver has to accept.
Driver: Driver now has baskets in his possesion, he arrives at client reads nfc chip and then scans baskets. Client has to accept the baskets signing the app with his finger.
Admin: The admin is the only one that can change the number of days in the alert and time reset. He should be able to see warehouse, truck driver, clients and the total number of baskets in all. Lost baskets should not be included in total.
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