Vehicle that Navigates by Audio

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This project involves navigating a vehicle through a minefield by using audio
beacons of fixed frequencies located throughout the field. The vehicle will start at a fixed
location in the field. The mission is to locate the “next” audio beacon and steer the vehicle
toward that beacon while monitoring for the next beacon. The vehicle should continue to
search each consecutive beacon until the final beacon is located, indicating the vehicle has
exited the minefield. During the journey, the vehicle may not collide with any of the beacons
and must steer clear.
Vehicle Details: The vehicle consists of an aluminum chassis with three wheels (one front
center wheel, two rear wheels). Each rear wheel has a dedicated DC motor used to motivate
each wheel independently. Both DC motors are connected to a PWM motor driver unit that
controls the RPM of each motor independently based on a 2 PWM signals. The details of the
PWM motor driver are included in the appendix.
Microcontroller: Teensy 3.2 Real Time processor: This microcontroller will interface the PWM
motor drivers on the vehicle and the microphone sensor (and any other sensor you may
include). Plan to power the vehicle separately from the microcontroller. A four bank AA
battery pack is sufficient for the vehicle, while a separate power source may be used for the
controller. Do not power the motors through the microcontroller; it is not capable of providing
sufficient current. Battery packs may be purchased from or
Sensor Details: The microphone/amplifier assembly is described below.
Beacon Information: Each beacon is a piezo buzzer tuned to a particular frequency. Details
of the buzzer are below:
1. You may use preassembled libraries for PWM signal generation and audio processing.
2. One group will be tested at a time. The vehicle will be placed at the starting point, and
the beacons will be turned on. There should be a “Go” button on the vehicle to start
the journey to the finish line as well as a visual indication (LED) that the journey has
ended - $750.0

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