Digital report assembly, some research and some writing

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I write and assemble commercial real estate appraisal reports for my clients. They are often more than 50 or 60 pages each, but on an overall basis I'd say less than half is original text. See attached MSWord doc sample.
I usually do about one or two a week, but sometimes I get overload - which is now the case.
There are numerous components of information, photo's, maps, other images etc that need to be gathered, inserted, sometimes written, but ultimately assembled into a professional looking report using the model templates that I provide.
I would provide the subject property address, aerial photo and sometimes other pointers to ensure proper identification. I'd also provide some of the information that is not available on the internet.
I also delegate some material for "ghost" writing. You for example, would compose parts like these - per the attached sample:
1. adjacent "Street Improvements" (from Google satellite, map or earth)
2. the "Surrounding developments" (from Google satellite, map or earth)
3. the "Zoning" details (from the Municipal website)
Ideally I'd like to delegate all of it, but I realise that may not be possible and so I would "backstop" the remainder. My rough estimate is that I think this might be 15 to 25 hours of work for you - but this depends on practice and experience. My preference would be for a 7 day turnaround.
The first one would be on a trial basis, but I will need more of such help going forward as well. At this time there could be such an assignment on a once every one or two week basis.
Is this something you might be interested in and available for this time around ?
Best Regards,
PS. I'm a "Saffa" from way back
My preferred selection criteria are for:
Candidates from the country South Africa.
With an interest in doing Admin support work like this.
With English as their "native" language.
With top English scores.
With top attention to detail.
With top customer feedback and/or rating scores.
- $25.0

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