1 page double side Info-graphic on economics of an electric vehicle

For $5 — Ends 20 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We are looking for a double sided infographic demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of owning an EV broken down into (6) main comparisons
Front Main Page
1) Save 70% on fuel costs (Nissa Leaf vs Ford Fiesta + Tesla Model S P100D vs Jag XJ)
2) Save Up to 90% by charging overnight (same comparisions)
3) Charge up for £5 at home (LEAF + Tesla S P100D )
4) Length of time to charge at home
5) How long to top up on the road (20%-80% in 30 mins)
6) Other savings environmental - Air pollution kills 40,000 a year in the UK (NHS 2016)
Back Page
= Source references at top of pdf attached
This needs to highlight the amazing cost savings of owning an electric vehicle through a quick persuasive, engaging and informative graphics.
I've included our logo to give you an idea of theme's and fonts - a pdf for the infographic stats to be used and can send through some inspo of graphics we like if needed.

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