Sketchup Modelling of housing estate

Ends 20 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

Im looking for a sketchup designer to make some amendments to a current model i have been working on (i will provide the .skp) . The Model consists of 8 Plots ( 5 buildings) which i will be rendering my self once the modelling is complete. Im stuck for time right now as i am busy with other jobs, so i am just looking for someone to follow my instructions and complete the basic modelling.
Please see attachments of the model so far. as you can see, the model is some what completed already however i am requiring some amendments to be made to each plot.
i have received the drawings back from the architect, and there is a few amendments on each plot ( mainly window positioning and detailing etc)
I will go into more detail for the winning freelancer, but for now, here is a brief outline of what needs to be done:
amendments to each building ( minor amendments)
detailing to roof/eaves/guttering ( i will provide a model of the guttering to use, and how i want the roof detailing)
detailing to windows (Headers and Window Sills)
adding pavement - drop curbs and curbs to road side.
levelling the road so it works correctly with the gate (you will see the road isn't level from side to side.
adding correct driveways to match up with road - adding the lawns and areas for flowerbeds ( no need to worry about materials - i will add this later) Sorting the levels of each plots front garden so it works with the road.
My main aim is to get the model render ready, accept for materials and objects such as plants trees and cars etc ( all of which i can add)
just needing someone to tidy it up, sort out detailing , and sort our the levels!
If this is something you feel you could help with, send me some similar portfolio work and we can chat further.

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