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i have resigned from my position as a staff nurse in a very big healthcare company which i work for 7 years.
i resigned by giving a very short notice and did not fulfil the requirement of 3 months notice.
now the company sent me a letter demanding that i pay the salary in lieu.
i resigned because i just gave birth o a baby with heart disease and need constant care. i already explain in my resignation letter.
now i need to reply this demand letter.
write a letter explain that i do not have 3 months to spare. my baby needs me by his side 24/7. i am also in no position to compensate as i am no bringing in any income and my baby's care eats uo my saving.
letter has to be professional yet emotional. respectful and not rude.
i need it in 2 hours as i am going to the company with my baby later in the afternoon.
i am a staff nurse. i worked in the compaby for 7 years. i am a good employee.

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