I need a logo design for my film production company

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So the name is 8 LIONS FILMS. It is originally DIAMOND LIONS FILMS but it's sorta long so my advisors suggested me otherwise. However, I still wanna keep the idea I got for the logo which is a lion head - half face is made of diamond (element looking like diamond, you know the shade, the edges, looking like it's made from diamond) and the other half is a normal lion's face. But this half needs to look as marvelous as possible, chilled and proud, powerful but calm (not an angry lion's face), the eyes need to look bright - determined - beautiful. These eyes need to look straight, like straight into your soul. I need an impressive logo and I don't mind it to look more complicated than a logo should be. This logo will be used on videos/photos and printed on many things like company boards, business cards, possibly merchandise, ..etc. With the logo head, you can add the line "8 LIONS FILMS" below. This has to be detailed so I don't mind paying for more if you can meet my requirements. Don't even bother the budget, I just put it as it is, I need to see something first before I make my final offer. Thank you! Hopefully there will be someone who can visualize what I've described.

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