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I am a senior chemical engineering student with a strong fascination for computer science projects. Currently, I am working on a University project/business that will use the Raspberry Pi 3 computer, possibly Arduino Uno and industrial grade water, gas and electricity meters. I am using the meters to monitor the consumption of water, gas and electricity. I would like to connect all three meters, remotely via wifi/internet, to an app that will be able to receive the data, and alert the user of abnormal utility consumption. I am trying to create my own start up business in the field of smart metering/clean energy. I would like significant help creating a prototype, in the form of a 3 in 1 utility monitor that has been described. I will need someone that can also configure an electric meter to work with the app. Included with developing the meter is to install safety valves on the water and gas meter. For the electric meter, a circuit switch must be installed to turn power in the house on and off. This safety feature must be included on the app as well. In order to proceed with this business I will need a high functioning app that will be able to show the amount of consumption used for display. The app should include water, gas and electricity consumption data, and instructions on how to reduce the consumption if it is too high. Knowledge of EKM metering is highly beneficial but not required for the job. If you can develop and construct your own meter that would be most beneficial. The water and gas meters should have a 3/4 inch for pipe fitting. I am expecting a professional job, for the design of the app, hardware and your plan on how to develop this project. When creating or developing meters, be reminded, I want each meter to have it's own power source. There should be no extension wires or cables coming out of the meters, to be connected to power outlets in the house. All meters should be able to work independently yet connect to a single app for Android and iPhone users. - $50.0

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