custom browser

For $750 — Ends 18 Aug 2018 (in 3 days)

It must be able to generate with each start an unique config.
Color Depth
Screen Resolution
Has session storage or not
Has local storage or not
Has indexed DB
Has IE specific 'AddBehavior'
Has open DB
CPU class
DoNotTrack or not
Full list of installed fonts (maintaining their order, which increases the entropy), implemented with Flash.
A list of installed fonts, detected with JS/CSS (side-channel technique) - can detect up to 500 installed fonts without flash
Canvas fingerprinting
WebGL fingerprinting
Plugins (IE included)
Is AdBlock installed or not
Has the user tampered with its languages 1
Has the user tampered with its screen resolution 1
Has the user tampered with its OS 1
Has the user tampered with its browser 1
Touch screen detection and capabilities
Pixel Ratio
System's total number of logical processors available to the user agent.
Device memory
Audio fingerprinting
Multi-monitor detection,
Internal HashTable implementation detection
WebRTC fingerprinting
Math constants
Accessibility fingerprinting
Camera information
DRM support
Accelerometer support
Virtual keyboards
List of supported gestures (for touch-enabled devices)
Pixel density
Video and audio codecs availability
Audio stack fingerprinting - $750.0

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