Need someone to build Excel VBA Userforms for Interpreting Class that feed into Dashboard

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Hi all, TLDR: I need a user form created from a hardcopy form for my class that will allow us to fill in the form *only* and auto feed into a master sheet that keeps track of our completed assignments and also feeds into a dashboard that visually represents the breakdown of our assignments. Idk how much this would normally cost, so can you tell me your hourly rate or projected cost? I need an excel VBA spreadsheet made for a class for language interpreters. Here are the basics of what I need/want: There are currently hard copy entry forms that we must fill out when we complete an assignment - I want those transformed into a excel user form for automation purposes - These sheets can be infinitely numbered as there are only a certain number of hours we have to complete, but not a certain amount of jobs. For example, let's say we need to complete 200 hours. Some people may accomplish this in 20 x 10 hour jobs versus 100 x 2 hour jobs. This user form would automatically feed into a Master Sheet (Practicum Log) that would track: date, assignment name, category of assignment, setting/place and keep a running total of hours (with preparation hours separated) The individual entry forms would also feed into a pivot table dashboard that would visually show: - Master progress bar of total hours; three separate progress bars for Observation/Interpreting/Service Interpreting Hours; pie chart for settings (to show which settings were most favored by the student); bar graph of amount of jobs per month; one big number that shows how many jobs the student has completed (i.e. how many entry forms have been completed); one big number that shows the total number of hours completed (these last two are just for quick glance references) There are probably some other things, I need, but I haven't thought of them yet. *EVERY PAGE MUST BE PRINTABLE in an 8.5 * 11in format, because we have to turn this in in a notebook at the end of the semester* I have the practicum entry log and it's very simple. It's basically a questionnaire after a job is finished. I just want it all to roll into a visual representation and I want to only have to fill out one form for the rest of the workbook to update. Lastly, our instructor is 60+ years old. It needs to come with instructions that are easy enough for him to understand and explain when he shows this to other students. Thank you. P.S. I'm posting this right before I leave for work, so it will take me some hours to respond. If you have examples of your work, please include in responses or PMs. submitted by /u/sampleday [link] [comments]

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