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Hi all, I have worked with a few logo designers in the past and currently have a couple "mock designs" that I've been using as the official design. However, it's time I find a real designer who's willing to stick around and help design our primary logo as well as be someone who might be willing to assist with other, smaller projects such as a logo for our Discord bot, etc. If I find the right person, the budget will start in the hundreds and gradually increase as the workload increases. I'm certainly willing to discuss in further detail on Discord (which is somewhat of a requirement for the project). You can join our Discord server here: which explains a little bit about the organization and what we do. Once we make introductions on Discord, I'd like to get some samples of your logos or your portfolio and would be happy to explain what I'm looking for in our future logo as well. You *can* message me here on Reddit, but it's very difficult for me to correlate a Reddit conversation with a Discord conversation unless your username is the same. I also typically get bombarded with people when I make Reddit posts, so please be patient and I promise to get back to you. Thanks so much! submitted by /u/xyeLz [link] [comments]

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