Instagram post screen shot, rebranding and reposting on new instagram

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Hello everyone. I need someone who is willing to do the 2 parts of to this hourly.
I need a designer to help design my branding for my instagram posts. This will include incorporating my logo, branding colours and possibly a tiny headshot of me into unique branding for all my instagram posts.
I need to rebrand my instagram. I need someone to screenshot nearly all of my current 211 instagram posts. I then need this person to help rebrand the post with the design explained in step 1 - within a uniform framework of my new branding with logo and colours to make sure all the posts are in uniformity. This may require just adding a border in my colours and new logo to be added. It may require adding a filter to post. May require using the original photo / post before my original branding was added and creating it as a fresh, updated post with the original image into the new format and then posting this.
STEP 3 - I need this person to then post the new branded content of my old Instagram posts on to my new instagram account with the same caption as the previous original post -copy and paste.
My example of rebranding my post here is a clearly a highly amateur version of trying to solve this problem hence why I need someone professional. I need someone who can design the posts better and help integrate all the posts in the same way.
In conclusion I want to open a new instagram account where ALL my content from old instagram has been rebranded and posted in my new designed format. I also want the rights so that once all the old content is posted I can use the pre-designed template so I can use it on my own later on future posts.
This again will require a design element but also some admin / leg work (screenshooting, copying, in some cases remaking some posts from scratch if they can't be fixed/tweaked with the original photos and then reposting).
The biggest element here is getting the BRANDING RIGHT. I don't want to have to do all this again later on. Needs to be sophisticated, chic and modern. As a cosmetic doctor I need my patients to look at my posts and be in awe at the detail, the work I've done and hence the branding needs to be in line with my high quality brand.
If you're interested please let me know to register your interest. I look forward to working with one of you. I want someone who is going to stick to deadlines, has evidence of working on instagram projects before and is clearly sharp with their design. I would like to see evidence of this before I choose who to go with.
The price I've written here is flexible and negotiable depending on the evidence provided and experience of the designer.

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