Multiple ongoing 2D & 3D projects

For $20,000 — Ends 16 Jun 2018 (in about 1 month)

I need a 3D model of something. Multiple ongoing projects 2D artwork & 3D modeling. Skills in concept art, character illustrations, character action scenes, hyper realism, 3d sculpting, textures, animation and rigging are a must. Multiple file formats needed including 3d printing formats.
I am seeking a talented artist who is willing to take on a large challenge of hyper realistic character models. Including but not limited to the human form, fantasy creatures, famous video game/comic/cartoon/movie characters, fashion and accessories, and realistic & fantasy weaponry. As stated earlier, I need an artist capable of products that have are hyper realistic or photo realistic. Also certain projects will require the compatibility with Games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. I have no intention on releasing commissioned assets to the public without ensuring you recurve due credit and financial compensation (if I deem to make game mods of them at all).
Compensation for these projects will vary in a range on scale of difficulty and project deadline. That being said however, compensation will be substantial if quality of product meets a satisfactory level of expectations. Negotiation is always an option. But keep in mind, I am a strict judge of what I spend my money on. You will of course be awarded all the artistic freedoms you need to comfortable produce quality artwork, but remaining within the majority of my desired guidelines is a must.
Bonus: Projects that are satisfactory and meet completion prior to deadline will result in a hefty bonus. Also an additional bonus will be awarded if you can 3d print, paint, and ship certain projects to me. Materials and shipping cost would of course be covered by me. - $20000.0

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