ANPR and LPR System on Raspberry Pi

For $1,500 — Ends 16 Jul 2018 (in 2 days)

Deliverables and the current state of the project:
- Use a Raspberry Pi with an on-board camera
- Scan Number Plates (EU/Switzerland) in real-time
- Car speed <20km/h and distance from camera to car = 3-6m
- Save number plate scan to on-board SQL data base
- Create API for number plate white-listing in SQL data base
Use case: A car approaches a parking lot. The camera recognizes the number plate and checks if the car is allowed to stay. If the number plate is in the white list, send signal.
The developer is working independently.
Desired timeline and/or deadline:
- It would be great if we can start working on it ASAP and it's roughly 20-hour work. We can discuss more and have a more accurate estimate. - $1500.0

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