c ++ and java code to regulate drone speed according to geographical position

For $750 — Ends 16 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

the project needs to create a java code and c ++ code for arduino in order to regulate the speed of a drone depending on its geographical position, this position is associated with adjacent polygons, for example the drone flies within a polygon speed limit of 10 m / s in direction East to West, the drone crosses the limit with another polygon of speed limit of 15 m / s, in addition it is necessary to limit the maximum speed of the drone when passing under a portal with a radio signal that tells the drone speed limit for indoor places where the gps signal is low, this to regulate the maximum speeds in a race circuit of drones, the polygons are of random shapes and are obtained from google earth as a file and will be occupied as a library that can be modified in arduino leaving the speed code unchanged for both the polygon and the portal which should send over the signal of gps, so that the drone does not get confused if you get a gps signal. - $750.0

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