APP end WEB tô request bucket for rubbish and oil and chemical toilet and language in portuguese and english

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1 = I will register company wants to offer bucket services and I will charge the payment will be online
2 = when the client accesses the app he will have either the zip address where he wants the service there the system will only show the companies he wants to provide services in the region
3 = website and in the app you have either option for the customer evaluates the service provided by the company type star rating comments.
4 = When the client creates an account he earns $ 15 And if he shares with 20 more friends by sms or wahtapp or Facebook earns another $ 3 dollars this is just an example of the value I will adjust this money can only be used in thepurchase of services in the app.
5 = when the customer hires a bucket will be charged a $ 200 value and will be entitled to stay a week with the bucket if a week passes will be charged a $ 25 per week fee only with the fees and the companies want to set individualhow much will be charged later in the week, plus if the client asks to remove the bucket within the week no additional fee will be charged
, to withdraw to the bucket will need to request withdrawal by the APP. English language in English app to ask for rubbish dump oil and chemical toilet.
1 = the owner of the APP web site will have control over the client company driver of the companies.
2 = access graph where and region on the map is accessing the graphic APP of gross and net veda and by companies by month to month per year, search by customer by name and phone or address.
3 = option to activate promotion and disable service and add service category option to discount on the percentage of companies charged.
4 = payment I want to paypal paypal and other types want to appear in the name of the transaction company and yes only field for you by credit card number address, name etc ...
And the money will be paid to the companies for the first month and the month of the month of the month.
5 = the app will have multiple options will have option to make of oil for example a customer asks for oil and the minimum and 100 gallons more when the driver will make the delivery realize want to fit more and the customer is in place and authorizes to complete the tank poe plus 20 gallons there the driver accesses the app is adds the extra 20 gallons and the system charge the difference.
The app will have option for the customer to purchase so
Minimum 100 gallons
100 or more
200 or more
300 or more
400 or more
If the customer chose one of four options he is agreeing whether to exceed the quantity of gallons or the driver was chosen at the time of delivery can add the gallons to the client account and the app charges automatically.
1 = company can create account and register
The most likely to be contacted is the address in the advertisement. company will not appear to contact the customer will appear the evaluation of the customer and the company will also evaluate the customer.
2 = admin panel now show annual monthly sales charts which best-selling service, show gross sales value and net value for example to make a sale of $ 200 US dollars and percentage charged by APP and 20% then the net and $ 160 also the company itself may do service promotion.
3 = example WM company is registered in the APP then receive a work order if the customer ordered through the WM app accept the request to receive the notification or the request was accepted shows wait time estimate to receive the service. Ai the company send to the driver when the driver is to make the delivery will have either to click on the service to send the customer to receive the notification will be delivered in time of 1 hour the customer accompanies the request in real time.
4 = when the driver login will have clock time if the WM company adds the employee's configuration so the company receives notification when the operation starts working and have the hours already cauculada with exact amount receivable and the driver also you will see on your dashboard how many hours have you made and what amount to receive
The customer will have the option of adding box to the driver when the driver receives the box the company will know and the driver as well.
5 = the companies who will set the distance to enter by city or zip. It will appear in the profile hours of operation
6 = company will accompany the driver in real time during working time.
Driver logging into the app will have option to start working there and start counting the working hours. app to request bucket for rubbish and oil and chemical toilet and language in Portuguese and English - $750.0

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