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I need to produce a one-minute animated graphic to demonstrate how a new card game is played. The animation would show cards in play on a table or board, with the cards flipping over to reveal their faces, cards moving around the board to show how they have been played, and a series of captions to show what is happening. All of this would be on a white background, with some of the cards being temporarily highlighted or enlarged to show that they were about to come into play.
This would be embedded into a web page as part of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. No voice-over required, possibly just some background music (ideally medieval or historically-themed) but no music is also fine.
There are a couple of examples of the kind of thing I’m looking for on the following Kickstarter page, about a third of the way down under “Gameplay”:
I already have the graphics files for the playing cards themselves – they will therefore need incorporating into an animation. I have also prepared a storyboard/script to show the sequence of steps in the animation.
This work would need to be completed by 10th August (sooner if possible) and I would want to have the opportunity to see and check some earlier drafts to make sure it is on the right track (unlimited revisions please).
Please let me know how you would do this, your experience of similar projects and how many hours work you think this will need.
Thanks for your interest,
Ian Walton
Walnut Games Ltd

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