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I need someone with experience on wix membership, would you have time to work on a project?
The requirements are below, let me know if you could do something like this
I would like to add a members only section to my six website and need help to do it.
The website is for winemakers to create their profile as well as product page.
The goal is to have a dashboard for the main profile dashboard the “winery dashboard”, a product dashboard page “the wine dashboard page” and detailed views for each. Everything is linked in 2 separate databases, the first is for wineries, the other is for wines. The goal is to allow members to view/edit the information that they created but also to limit the information they can see to the information they created. Wineries should not be able to see the information that other wineries created.
The pages are as follow:
1. Winery Dashboard This is the central page for the wineries with their main information. This page should be the landing page when they log in. They should see only the information that they created, not other members information. From this page, they can access the Wines Dashboard.
2. Wines Dashboard This is the place from which the winery can preview all the wine pages that created it created or start a new page creation. It can also access the detail view of each wine to edit the information.
3. Winery Page This is where the winery can add information that relates to its main profile. The left side of the page is where they input the information and the right side gives them a preview of what the information will look like inside the app that we are developing. SO the left side inputs into the database and the right side reads from the database. If it is possible to avoid having a submit button and do instant save to be able to preview without clicking submit, this is preferred.
4. Wine Page The wine page works like the winery page. It reads into another database more specific. 1 winery can have only 1 profile (wine page) but multiple wine pages. So the winery should be able to access all the wines that belong to it but not wines that were created by other wineries. This page is the same as winery page with the left inputs into the database and the right reads from the database.
I have created the designs and started to link into the databases but I am not familiar with members login… so this is why I would need your help. - $750.0

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